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Updated: Dec 13, 2023

1000+ Acres of working lands and wildlife habitat protected for future generations!

A view of the Southern part of Cache Valley, looking west over the Wellsville mountain range. A beautiful sunset shines through the clouds. Open space and natural landscape can be seen around the small settlement of Avon.
Photo Credit: Dirk V Baker, Mountain Tinker

We are so proud to announce the completion of our latest easement project! This working ranch protects open space, critical habitat, and has cultural and historical significance as well.

The landowner says, “This has been a special place for us. It is one of those places that needs to be conserved. It is probably the most critical deer and elk winter range in this end of the valley. It is important for the wildlife, it is important for Sagwich Basin. It is just a real special place.”

Darren Parry, a representative of the Northwestern Band of the Shoshone Nation added this comment: 

“This conservation easement protects an area of cultural significance to the Northwestern Band of the Shoshone Nation known as Sagwich Basin. Preserved lands like this easement provide a critical resource for future generations by allowing us to learn, grow, and remember.”

A word from our Board Chair

Dear friends, if you are reading this, please know that your support since our founding has made this huge milestone possible. Thank you!

The easement on this ranch is the third project BRLC has closed in less than 12 months, effectively doubling the number of land transactions we have completed. I am so proud to be the head of an organization focused on permanently protecting these critical places in northern Utah.

This 1,000 acre working ranch provides important habitat for herds of elk, deer, and grouse to name a few. Through the dedication and perseverance of the property owners, this land is now under the permanent protection of a conservation easement. We will visit the property annually in perpetuity to ensure the lands remain undeveloped and continue to be managed appropriately as working lands that provide critical wildlife habitat.

I want to thank and acknowledge the hard work and dedication of BRLC staff Gabe Murray and Matt Coombs. I am humbled by their persistent efforts, problem solving skills, and steadfast dedication to this effort.

As we complete this easement, I feel that we have taken a significant step forward as a small nonprofit. I look forward to continuing to work with our staff to move more exciting projects forward.

With hope for our bright future,


Glen Busch, Board Chair


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