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The Bear River Land Conservancy was established by local visionaries to ensure that valuable private lands with public benefits will continue to provide those benefits. Our focus includes:

  • Working farms and ranches; we love our locally grown foods!

  • Lands near rivers and streams; because we all need clean water.

  • Private lands and trails that allow public access for recreation, including hunting, fishing, and hiking.

  • Natural habitat areas for migratory birds, native plants, and healthy fish.


In 2009, a 455 acre floodplain known as the Bear River Bottoms, along the Bear River in Cache Valley was placed under a land preservation agreement by the Bridgerland Audubon Society. Two years later, the Bear River Land Conservancy was created to take over management and stewardship of the property. This agreement protects the Bear River Bottoms forever. The lands around the river are important in preventing flooding, and providing habitat for birds and wildlife. To read more on the Bear River Bottoms, click here.

Why are private lands so important?

Private lands, including farms, ranches, and riverfront properties can provide public benefits such as food production, flood prevention, beautiful scenery and open space. We are also grateful when landowners allow the public to hike, bike, fish, and hunt on their lands.


BRLC was created to work with a variety of landowners who have an interest in long-lasting protections for their lands. We have helped to protect nearly 500 acres of Bear River floodplain and grazing land, 30 acres of farmland with a threatened species of orchid in Mendon, and a quarter mile of Bear Lake shoreline. And there are so many other landowners who want the same protections.


Please visit our News page and follow our social media to learn about our most recent efforts.

How is the BRLC a charitable organization?

Because our mission includes the safeguarding of everyone’s interests, we qualify as a “public charity.” This means donations to the BRLC are tax-deductible, and our status as a nonprofit charity guarantees that we are driven by public purpose.


As a nonprofit, we rely heavily on you, our friends and neighbors. If you are interested in donating time, we have field days where we do restoration work on our properties. If you are interested in making a tax deductible donation, we can promise that our efforts will have a lasting influence; the land agreements that we foster will last forever.

Click here to get involved in land conservation in northern Utah.

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