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Gabriel Murray promoted as our new Executive Director

We are thrilled to announce that we have promoted Gabe Murray to the role of Executive Director. Gabe is stepping into this role with energy, vision, and a deep commitment to our mission and the future of open lands here in Northern Utah.

Gabe's childhood in Alaska's Kenai Peninsula instilled in him a profound appreciation for natural landscapes. While fishing for salmon on the Kenai River and traversing the rugged Chugach Mountains he developed a keen understanding of the importance of preserving our precious ecosystems. After completing his studies in Environmental Engineering at Northern Arizona University, Gabe ventured to Bozeman, Montana, where he worked in stream and wetland restoration with Confluence Consulting. His work took him across the region, from the sweeping vistas of Wyoming to the pristine waters of Idaho. Recognizing the incredible opportunity and need for conservation on private lands, Gabe has served as our Operations Director since January of 2022.

Behind any easement project is an entire organization which needs managing: board members, committees, bylaws and policies, dedicated volunteers, generous donors, and strategic partnerships. Every part of our organization requires consistent oversight and coordination from someone with a keen eye for detail and a constant grasp of the dynamic big picture.

We hired Gabe two years ago hoping that he would lead us to a brighter and more productive future. He has not let us down. From day one he dove into his job with passion, ambition, and determination which has truly transformed BRLC into a legitimate and fully functioning land trust.

In his time with us, Gabe has:

  • Secured over 8.3 million dollars in federal funding and 1.2 million dollars in grant funding for our projects

  • Supported our staff and partners to complete 3 conservation easement projects, effectively doubling the number of easements we have completed in our 13 year history

  • Played an important role in the efforts to pass the Cache County Open Space Bond which has been envisioned by Cache conservationists for more than 30 years

  • Brought financial stability and transparency to our business transactions

  • Built trust with landowners, local agencies, and project partners throughout the region

Gabe has worked diligently from one critical task to another, researched best practices, and worked with partner organizations and board members to identify and implement solutions. Along the way, Gabe has grown into a strong leader and has earned respect and loyalty from all those with whom he works. We are proud to have him as our Executive Director.

Gabe’s promotion will expand our capacity for conservation projects and continue our legacy of supporting landowners committed to preserving Utah's natural and cultural heritage. We are also hopeful that we will be able to achieve national recognition as an Accredited Land Trust with the Land Trust Alliance during Gabe’s tenure.

I would like to specifically thank our founders and donors throughout our history for their foresight and dedication. We would not be here without their service and contributions.

BRLC is at a turning point. We need continued support from our community in the form of volunteers and financial donations which allow us to hire and retain our talented staff. Please consider serving as a volunteer or board member and make a donation in celebration of our recent successes and to help us prepare for our future.

With optimism and hope for these lands we love,

Glen Busch, Board Chair


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